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Component Former

This resource from Boxford describes a laser cut forming template that can be used to save time in the classroom. It presents an electronic component forming template for use when building circuits on breadboards and includes a CAD file for the template and a supporting video explaining the use of breadboards...


This resource from Boxford describes a laser cut floating error corrector for a motor. This can be used to line up a motor with a connecting unit. Supporting CAD files are provided along with an example of a similar coupling in industry.

The coupling is introduced as a solution to any application that...

Brompton Factory

This short film clip shows the different machines, work areas and production processes in the Brompton Bicycle factory.

Brompton Fold

This short clip shows the stages of folding a Brompton bicycle.

Import and Export

In this film the managing director of Brompton Bicycle explains the advantages and disadvantages of exports and why they need to import about 40% of the parts from abroad. He describes the different tiers of suppliers and how this can have implications for quality control.

Managing Costs

This film, from Brompton Bicycle, looks at how standard costing is used to keep track of where money is being spent during the production process. This is the ideal re-determined costs that the company ought to incur for an operation. The film describes three manufacturing cost elements: direct materials,...

Quality Control

Terry Blackman, Quality Engineer at Brompton Bicycle, explains the process of quality control and quality assurance. They test the tensile strength of the materials and make sure the brakes function in the wet as well as the dry. He explains why braziers mark every part they manufacture for traceability. They...

Creating a 'Rockets in Motion' Project

At Bishop Challoner Catholic College in Birmingham, a STEM project entitled “Rockets in Motion” took place during the autumn term of the 2010-2011 academic year. The project ran through a series of after-school sessions led jointly by the science, technology and mathematics departments.

This project explored...

Cross-Curriculum Cooperation in Product Design

Students often seem uncomfortable when confronted with a science teacher talking about mathematics in a science lesson or a design and technology teacher talking about science in a design and technology lesson.

Karen Laws, a secondary science teacher at Hinchingbrooke School who had trained as a primary...

Identifying the opportunities for collaboration between STEM subjects to develop a thematic approach to the KS3 curriculum

Science, technology and mathematics teachers at Tendring Technology College had already collaborated across departments and wanted to develop these links further by adopting a thematic approach to the curriculum. The Key Stage 3 curriculum was reviewed to identify areas to embed a STEM philosophy into the lessons...


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