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Wedged triangles

In this resource students are given an image of a reciprocal curve, y=k/x. Two tangents to the curve are used, together with the coordinate axes, to form an 'arrow head' quadrilateral under the curve. The challenge is to determine the area of the quadrilateral.

The first step towards solving the problem...

Ratio of tans

In this resource students are given the coordinates for each vertex of a triangle, with two of the vertices being horizontal. The challenge is to determine the ratio of the tangents of two of the angles.

Each student worksheet has a different triangle, but the solutions all have something in common.


Triangle tan product and sum

In this resource the side lengths of a triangle are given. The challenge is to find the ratio of the product of each of the tangents, divided by the sum of each of the tangents.

Each student worksheet contains a different triangle, but the answers all have something in common.

The solution involves...

Careers in Space workshop

The Careers in Space workshop included inputs from: * Vicki Hodges on Astrium's STEM Ambassadors programme * Rosalind Azouzi on Space Tourism and the Next Generation * Lloyd Marshall on Apprenticeship opportunities with Astrium

Water Engineering and Sustainability

This resource pack can be used to highlight issues such as global water scarcity, the challenges people face when sourcing water and maintaining a water supply in developing countries and the role of the engineers in solving these problems.

Following a quick quiz, a presentation introduces the scale of local...

Bronze award: worldwide washing

The Youth Grand Challenges is a new STEM competition that aims to inspire students aged 11-to-19.  This resource provides a selection of ideas for research or practical projects on the subect of the spread of disease.

Curriculum links include pathogens, bacteria, epidemics, pandemics, malaria, water borne...

Cost of creating a new medicine

This animation provides an introduction to different phases of drug discovery and development, as well as issues influencing the cost and affordability of new medicines.

L Centre

An ‘L’ shape is shown and the task is to find the centre of mass using only a straight edge and pencil. The solution makes use of the fact that the centre of mass of two objects will lie on a line joining their individual centres of mass.


Target Range

A cannon ball is fired and passes through two given points. The task is to discover the range of the cannon ball, the angle of projection, and the initial velocity. Solving the problem involves using the fact that the trajectory is a parabola, substituting in the coordinates given...


A monkey is sitting in a tree and the aim is to shoot the monkey with a tranquilizer so that it can receive urgent medical attention. The monkey is very astute and will let go of the branch he is swinging from at the same instant you shoot your blowpipe. The question is, where you...


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