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MyKEducation Introduction to basic STEM skills

We offer after School Club or Holiday Club through partnering schools.


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Physics AS Level - Homework Resource

Hi All! 

MarkIt is a startup that believes in helping students with their mistakes. It was originally started for A-level maths and has successfully worked with over 2,000 students and over 40 schools. We are branching into A-level physics as we believe this is a subject that needs to be made more...

Controlled Assessments and Sustainability Issues

From Practical Action, this resource is intended to help students to think about how they can include sustainability throughout their tasks, from specifications, through to evaluation by using an eco-design tool.

GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file one offered comprehensive coverage of the mandatory units through a series of challenging set of 30 vocational assignments, most of which were developed for the project in the centres which piloted the qualification.

Framework for...

GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments 2

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file two included study guides made up of short tasks covering the full range of each unit together with 24 additional assignments intended to complement those published in the first file.

Since many of the assignments in file one were elaborate and...

Questioning Prejudice and Superstition

The work suggested in this Nuffield Working with Science unit helps students to understand the scientific method of testing ideas when it is impossible to do controlled experiments. They see the need for factual evidence to support ideas and statements. The unit focuses upon science as a way of testing. The...


The work suggested in this Nuffield Working with Science unit helps to make students aware of the inevitable need to recycle materials and of the practical and economic difficulties in the way of doing more at the moment.

Guidance for teachers and technicians appears in...

The Motor Car

The work suggested in this Nuffield Working with Science unit was planned so that students should:
1. be aware of the advantages of a systematic approach to car selection and purchase
2. be aware of the legal and social responsibilities of car ownership
3. understand the basic scientific principles...


The work suggested in this Nuffield Working with Science unit encourages the students to start thinking about efficiency by presenting them with some problems which are a familiar part of their daily lives. They are asked to investigate problems which have been chosen to give them experience of a variety of...

Crime Detection

This Nuffield Working with Science unit featured experiments derived from forensic techniques but could only give the 'flavour' of a scientific investigation of a crime. The unit aimed to emphasise the basic needs, in a scientific investigation of evidence, of accurate observation, careful comparisons, and accurate...


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