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Wedged triangles

In this resource students are given an image of a reciprocal curve, y=k/x. Two tangents to the curve are used, together with the coordinate axes, to form an 'arrow head' quadrilateral under the curve. The challenge is to determine the area of the quadrilateral.

The first step towards solving the problem...

Ratio of tans

In this resource students are given the coordinates for each vertex of a triangle, with two of the vertices being horizontal. The challenge is to determine the ratio of the tangents of two of the angles.

Each student worksheet has a different triangle, but the solutions all have something in common.


Triangle tan product and sum

In this resource the side lengths of a triangle are given. The challenge is to find the ratio of the product of each of the tangents, divided by the sum of each of the tangents.

Each student worksheet contains a different triangle, but the answers all have something in common.

The solution involves...

Bronze award: worldwide washing

The Youth Grand Challenges is a new STEM competition that aims to inspire students aged 11-to-19.  This resource provides a selection of ideas for research or practical projects on the subect of the spread of disease.

Curriculum links include pathogens, bacteria, epidemics, pandemics, malaria, water borne...

Murderous plants

These resources consider adaptation and competition in the context of carnivorous plants.

This module uses carnivorous plants and their habitats as a stepping-stone for exploring broader ecological concepts, in particular the structure of an ecosystem and predator-prey relationships. Students will engage in...

Brilliant barnacles

In this module students will study barnacle morphology, life histories and life styles as Darwin did. He based his classification and search for a common ancestor upon his studies. Recent work using genetic and molecular evidence and scanning electron microscopy shows how some of the key difficulties in drawing the...

Dissection and scientific drawing

This resource is designed to meet the specifications for the A-level practical endorsement in England (CPAC). However, it will make a valuable guide to dissection and scientific drawing of a flower for those following a variety of different specifications.

The ability to accurately observe, dissect and...

Microscopy of root tip mitosis

In plants, cell division by mitosis takes place in specific tissues, called meristems, that are found at the growing root and shoot tips and in the cambium between the xylem and phloem of the vascular bundle. The cells in the meristems are...

Natural or man-made chemicals?

This presentation is intended as a tool to help dispel the myth, “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It contains examples of useful chemicals as well as dangerous ones, highlights some
common misconceptions and provides an engaging context for discussion.

New Materials and Nanotechnology

Produced in 2015, this resource looks at glass microspheres, which contain radioactive Y-90, and are currently being used to treat liver cancer in humans, where their chemical durability is of prime importance.

This package of materials describes how the glass microspheres are used, and why. It shows how...


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