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Nuffield Advanced Chemistry (Third Edition): Biochemistry

The popular biochemistry special study was revised and updated for the third edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry. Biochemistry was first published as a special study in 1970, in a book of 166 pages with seven pages on DNA. Even in the second edition, published in 1984, the experimental work on RNA was optional....

Physics AS Level - Homework Resource

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MarkIt is a startup that believes in helping students with their mistakes. It was originally started for A-level maths and has successfully worked with over 2,000 students and over 40 schools. We are branching into A-level physics as we believe this is a subject that needs to be made more...

AQA FP1 Matrices 1 Study Plan, Notes and Exercises

MEI Online Resources provide this introduction to Matrices for AQA FP1. Detailed notes covering the manipulation of Matrices and Crucial Points to learn are included, together with study plans for both Heinemann and Oxford textbooks.

Also available are Additional Exercises for students to complete with...

Generating Resources

This collection of resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE) and produced by teachers using standard ICT packages, illustrate some of the ways that ICT can be used to enrich existing schemes of work.

A moment to learn: PowerPoint presentations to start and review the concept of moments,...


These Fun-Size activities, from the Association for Science Education (ASE), are short 5-15 minute tasks that enliven lessons. This resource is part of the SYCD Can we; Should we? collection. The activities range from short games and word plays through to quick demonstrations.

Fun-size is particularly useful...

Nuffield Advanced Mathematics Book 1

Book One of Nuffield Advanced Mathematics was the first of five core text books. It bridged the gap between GCSE and AS and A level Mathematics. It was designed to be accessible to students who had attained GCSE grade C and above, and to develop a strong foundation for further study.


Mechanics in Action

Mechanics in Action is an introduction to using practical approaches to teaching mechanics. It includes a background to modeling and 53 practical investigations with photocopyable worksheets and teachers' notes.

A knowledge of mechanics is necessary in the study of mathematics, science and engineering. This...

Function Machines

There are 10 questions on function machines in this Subtangent resource.

Questions increase in difficulty and offer students the opportunity to identify specific problem areas.

The test covers simple inputs and outputs from single and double function machines, as well as requiring students to...

Properties of Numbers

In this Subtangent resource there are 10 questions of increasing difficulty starting with factors and multiples. Square and triangular numbers LCMs and HCFs complete the topics.

Students are given four possible answers to choose from and a calculator is available for some of the questions.

There is an...

Pythagoras' Theorem

This Subtangent test on Pythagoras' theorem gives students the opportunity to practice all aspects of this topic.

Questions begin with simple calculations and progress to problems which are set in context as well as a complex 3-dimensional application.

An on screen calculator with root, square and...


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