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Maths Career Profiles

This booklet has been provided by More Maths Grads and it is designed to highlight the versatility of mathematics and to show that a degree in the mathematical sciences can take students anywhere; it can open doors, from developing software technologies to being a professional rugby league player. Working on...

STEM Equality and Diversity Useful Websites

Produced for the Department for Education, this document contains an extensive list of web sites that will be useful to practitioners offering information and guidance in STEM careers to young people.

How to Design an Inclusive Industrial Visit

Produced by the Industrial Trust, Business & Education South Yorkshire and JIVE (Joint Interventions), this leaflet identifies hints and tips to help organisers of visits to industry. Often organisations that are prepared to offer industrial visits to their sites are unaware of the action they can take to make...

STEM Choices: Equality and Diversity Strand Chart

Produced for the Department for Education, this document outlines four levels of school engagement with STEM careers as a basis for planning the development and implementation of the STEM Subject Choice and Careers project.

EDT's Widening Participation Programme

EDT is a charity that offers a comprehensive portfolio of activities designed to promote STEM courses and careers to specific target groups of students, including females and ethnic minorities. This leaflet describes some of their courses and provides contact details for further information.

Work Experience in the NHS

Produced by NHS Careers, this toolkit provides background information and advice for schools and other organisations involved in arranging work experience for students in the NHS.

Faster Formula One

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how Formula One teams use mathematical methods such as fluid mechanics and Navier-Stokes equations to improve performance. Every second counts in the fast-paced world of Formula One, so race teams use advanced mathematics to squeeze the best performance out of their cars...

Fighting Infections with Symmetry

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how mathematicians are aiding the fight against viruses. Many viruses have a symmetrical structure made from basic building blocks, and biologists have struggled to explain some of the more detailed shapes. Now mathematicians are using complex theories of symmetry to...

Go with the Industrial Flow

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how mathematicians can help industry to manage their use of fluids. Many industrial processes involve the complex movement of fluids, but predicting fluid behaviour can often be difficult. Mathematical models of fluid flow can help to improve manufacturing efficiency and...

Modelling an Epidemic Emergency

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at how mathematicians work with epidemiologists to understand the spread of infections and mitigate their effects. Epidemics can threaten the lives of both humans and animals, so it is essential that we react swiftly to any outbreaks. Mathematicians play a key role in...


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