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Linking the Properties and Forms of Quadratic Equations C1

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students identify different forms and properties
of quadratic functions, connect quadratic functions with their graphs and properties, including
intersections with axes, maxima and minima. Students will need to be familiar with the...

BP in Business Case Studies

This case study from BP Educational Service offers students aged 14-19 an insight into how a global business works. The study explores how BP's marketing team decides on place of sale, price and promotion for a product.

This resource is also suitable for Business Studies students.

Manipulating Surds N11

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students identify equivalent surds and develop their ability to simplify expressions involving surds. Students should understand what a square root is and be able to remove brackets correctly. (GCSE grades A-D; AS and A2 level)

Using Indices N12

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students are introduced to fractional and negative indices to enable them to evaluate numerical expressions using negative and fractional
indices and use the rules of indices with integer and fractional powers of variables. Students should have some knowledge of...

Analysing Sequences N13

In this resource, from the DfES Standards Unit, students learn to define a sequence using the
general form of the nth term, define a sequence inductively, recognise and define an arithmetic and a geometric progression and to reflect on and discuss these processes. Students should have some understanding of...

Interpreting Functions, Graphs and Tables A7

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students learn to understand the relationship between graphical, algebraic and tabular representations of functions, the nature of proportional, linear, quadratic and inverse functions and doubling and squaring. Students should already be familiar with algebraic symbols such as...

Connecting Perpendicular Lines A10

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students will identify perpendicular gradients and lines that are perpendicular, learn to relate their learning about perpendicular lines to their previous learning about straight lines and explain the reasons why lines are parallel and perpendicular. Students should...

Factorising Cubics A11

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students learn to associate x-intercepts with finding values of x such that f (x) = 0, sketch graphs of cubic functions, find linear factors of cubic functions and develop efficient strategies when factorising cubic functions. Students should have some familiarity with...

Exploring Trigonometrical Graphs A12

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students explore trigonometrical graphs by recognising translations, stretches and reflections from their equations, sketching the graphs and learning about the period and amplitude. Students should be familiar with the graphs of y = sin x and y = cos x and have...

Simplifying Logarithmic Expressions A13

This DfE Standards Unit resource enables students to develop their understanding of the laws of logarithms, practise using the laws of logarithms to simplify numerical expressions involving logarithms and apply their knowledge of the laws of logarithms to expressions involving variables. Students should have some...


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