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LEDs - Lighting Up a Brighter Future

A Catalyst article about devising better, more energy-efficient lighting. In particular the article focuses on LEDs. Like food, water, clothing and shelter, light is essential to daily life and is needed by most people for most of their waking hours. The article explains how LEDs work and how they are made.



A Catalyst article describing how new materials can be designed by studying natural materials and how they work. In particular the development of Velcro, military fabric, swimwear and waterproofing is looked at. These products were developed by scientific study of natural products such as plant burrs, pinecones,...

Starting a Greener Revolution

A Catalyst article looking at strategies for ensuring that there is a plentiful food supply in the future and how this can be sustained.

The article looks at three main areas for scientific investigation:


*Pest control

*Genetic modification

It also looks at...

Flying Weightless

This Catalyst article looks at what it means to say that an astronaut is 'weightless'. The article looks at how astronauts are trained in aircraft and how underwater work can also help prepare them for space travel.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2008, Volume 19, Issue 1.


Selling Science Short

A Catalyst article about a group of young scientists testing scientific claims in advertising. The group thought many claims sounded implausible. They decided to hunt for the scientific evidence behind them and challenge the manufacturers to explain how the products work. The article outlines the investigations...

Extracting Iron from Cornflakes

This Catalyst article takes the form of a practical activity. Many breakfast cereals are fortified with iron and it is possible to extract this from the cereal by following the instructions in the article.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2008, Volume 19, Issue 2.


What Is Technology?

This is one of three readers published by the ASE's SATIS 16-19 project as a way of linking together a selection of the individual units. 'What is Technology?' explores the various faces of technology in recent history and in the changing modern world.

The book discusses:
*different meanings of the word...

Computer Science Writing Competition Winners 2007

An Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) brochure containing the winning articles from the computer science writing competition 2006-7, which explain how research in computer science affects people's lives. The writers produced some inspiring stories, with subjects that include systems that...

Water Power: the Micro-Hydro Revolution

This Catalyst article is about a micro-hydroelectric power station on a river in Yorkshire. As oil prices soar and global warming threatens, the need for affordable green solutions to the energy crisis is ever increasing. Giant hydroelectric power stations, such as the Three Gorges Dam in China, will help to fulfil...

Darwin's Digital Children

This Catalyst article is about using computer models which use natural selection to evolve new products. Computers can be used to simulate evolution showing how some species die out and how others evolve and thrive. Products used by humans in everyday activities also evolve and this article describes how their...


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