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Practical Work in Science: a Report and Proposal for a Strategic Framework

This Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) report examines the key findings of a review of practical work in primary, secondary and post-16 science education.

The report focuses on:
* What is meant by practical work in science?
* What are the aims and purposes of practical work in...

Assessment of Practical Work in Science

This resource is a summary of a seminar organised by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) in November 2009. The seminar aimed to discuss the purpose and methods of assessment of practical work in science. It also looked at the current GCSE specifications and the key philosophical differences of the...

Resourcing Practical Work

These two reports were published by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education), in response to two commissioned reports - Under the Microscope: the State of Resourcing of Practical Science in Primary Schools and ...

Alternatives for Science Education

Alternatives for Science Education was produced and published by the Association for Science Education (ASE) in 1979. Its sub-title, A Consultative Document, indicates its aim and status. In addition to being a document of considerable historical interest, it contains arguments of continued relevance.



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