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Thinkers on education: volume 1

When people speak of the founders of education, they often have in mind only the thinkers and pedagogues who have devoted themselves to education at the exclusion of all else. Yet philosophers, sociologists, scientists, etc, of every period and culture, have had much to say on the subject.

This text, the...

Teacher's toolkit volume 1: promoting variety, engagement and motivation in the classroom

Presents a variety of learning activities, lesson plans, and audit tools.

STEM shift: a guide for school leaders

All you need to make the shift to STEM a reality. Now more than ever, educational leaders are encouraged to implement STEM as the foundation for preparing students with the 21st century skills required for college and career readiness.

This resource makes the process of shifting to a comprehensive,...

Royal horticultural society gardeners' encyclopaedia of plants and flowers

This detailed reference work provides gardeners with over 4000 photographs of individual plants, and diagrams showing each plant's shape and height at maturity. The author provides additional information about various species' cultivation, propagation, pruning and use in the garden.

The book begins with a...

Pegasus story: a history of a vintage British computer

The innovative, British-designed computers named Pegasus first appeared in 1956 and enjoyed long and successful careers. This book discusses the origins of the Pegasus project from wartime know-how through to the involvement of Ferranti Ltd, giving tribute to the remarkable achievements of the individual designers...

National Curriculum: handbook for secondary teachers in England - key stages 3 and 4

The National Curriculum handbooks are the official National Curriculum documents for secondary and primary schools. They are the revised blue-print for what every child will be required to learn in school from 2004.

Education Acts 1988: a concise commentary including a complete copy ot the Education Act

This guide covers the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998. It provides a full text of the Act with a section by section explanation in plain language. There is an analysis of the key issues and procedures the Act introduces: reduction of infant classes to a maximum of 30; the preparation of Education...

Teacher toolkit: helping you survive your first five years

This book is a compendium of teaching strategies and advice, which aims to motivate, comfort, amuse and above all reduce the workload of a new teacher. This beautiful high-spec paperback includes humorous illustrations, photocopiable templates, a new-look 5 minute plan, QR codes to useful videos and flaps with a...

Teacher geek

'Teacher Geek' shows you how to turn your passion as an educator into real results in your classroom. It's all about making the most of the resources you have at your disposal, and shaking up your thinking about what will inspire, engage, and motivate learners.

Taking people with you: the only way to make big things happen

This book has specific tools at the end of each chapter that will challenge you to reflect on how you're really doing on key aspects of leadership. And if you apply it, you'll immediately start to improve.


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