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Poster: Fusion 360 Arm Cast

This poster provides student instruction of how to use Fusion 360 to create an arm cast, using a canvas, sculpt and patch function.

Poster: Fusion 360 Extrude

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the extrude function in Fusion 360.

Poster: Fusion 360 Revolve Function

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the revolve function in Fusion 360. 

4 Qualities of an Effective Study Plan

4 Qualities of an Effective Study Plan

The fact that you are creating a study plan is a strong first step in effectively preparing for your classes. Without a plan, you're left to study haphazardly, focusing on different topics as they come to mind. While a plan itself can help you remain...


This animated clip explains how planets outside our solar system are difficult to see because they get lost in the glare of the star they orbit. The clip briefly mentions Doppler shift, dimming through transit as detection techniques that enable us to infer what the planet is made of, and explains what the...

Route Inspection

The aim of the route inspection problem is to find a route that is as short as possible yet goes down every road once and returns to the starting point. The task informs students that there has been a heavy snowfall overnight and that the students are required to clear the roads in the town centre as quickly as...

Reduction Mill

The reduction mill reduces the thickness of a strip of steel using a series of rollers, each roller making the steel slightly thinner. The percentage reduction is constant on each pair of rollers. The mathematics used to calculate the actual reduction is similar to that used when calculating compound interest....

Radiation Math

This series of activities from NASA take a mathematical approach to looking at radiation, and will make the student familiar with many forms of radiation, how it is measured, and what different doses can lead to over time. They are intended as supplementary problems for students looking for additional challenges in...

Properties of a Particle

This activity is produced by the Maths Magic project. Properties of a Particle provides examples and ideas for A-level mathematics and physics students investigating the properties ascribed to particles. Students discuss why these properties are needed and ask are they realistic? Activities include analysing the...


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