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Global Grant-Making: a Review of UK Foundations' Funding for International Development

This report published by the Nuffield Foundation in January 2012 provides an up-to-date picture of the scale of UK foundation resources devoted to international development. It also identifies how these resources are distributed across region and need, and how foundations approach international funding activities...

Doing and Construing

This article, from the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) publication ‘Mathematics Teaching’, is written by Pete Griffin and taken from MT227.

The notion of ‘understanding’ and its place in the learning process is often placed in sharper focus when considered in the context of learning and teaching...

Tasks and Their Place in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

This article, from the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) publication ‘Mathematics Teaching’, and is taken from MT231.

Jenni Back, Colin Foster, Jo Tomalin, John Mason, Malcolm Swan and Anne Watson set out to resolve the issue of ‘Tasks and their place in mathematics teaching and learning’ by ‘...

Children, Computing and Powerful Ideas (Spring 2015)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter contains articles covering:

*CAS community resources

*BCS Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

*Master Teachers

*Pedagogy in computing teaching and across the curriculum

*The Barefoot Computing project


Computing: The Next Generation (Autumn 2009)

This early edition of the Computing at School (CAS) newsletter includes articles on Scratch programming and curriculum structure in lower secondary school. Also, videos showing the importance of maths in computer science are highlighted.

Impact of CPD on teachers’ knowledge and students learning

Published in June 2010 , this report from the Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education aims to discover whether CPD has a positive impact in enhancing the personal understandings and teaching of science by the teacher and the subsequent learning of students.

The full collection of STEM...

Day Six of Exclusion: The Extent and Quality of Provision for Pupils

This report from Ofsted looks at the provision for excluded pupils. Schools and local authorities are required to provide full-time and suitable education for pupils from day six of fixed-period and permanent exclusions. This survey evaluates the extent to which a sample of schools and local authorities were...

Confucius Quote

This Pedagogics resource uses the following quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius: "Tell me...and I will forget. Show me... and I will remember. Involve me... and I will understand"

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones

This resource by Pedagogics explores subtle adjustments to teacher's language in order to be less emotive, more objective-led and promote progress.

Dr Haim Ginott Quote

This Pedagogics resource displays a quote from Dr Haim Ginott entitled "I have come to a frightening conclusion".


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