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Build Your Own Robot Arm

This resource sets the challenge of designing a robot arm which can pick up a cup from a defined distance. Students then evaluate their design and suggest modifications.

They are also asked to consider which scientific and algebraic principles could be applied to the activity as well as considering their...

Creating a 'Rockets in Motion' Project

At Bishop Challoner Catholic College in Birmingham, a STEM project entitled “Rockets in Motion” took place during the autumn term of the 2010-2011 academic year. The project ran through a series of after-school sessions led jointly by the science, technology and mathematics departments.

This project explored...

Cross-Curriculum Cooperation in Product Design

Students often seem uncomfortable when confronted with a science teacher talking about mathematics in a science lesson or a design and technology teacher talking about science in a design and technology lesson.

Karen Laws, a secondary science teacher at Hinchingbrooke School who had trained as a primary...

Identifying the opportunities for collaboration between STEM subjects to develop a thematic approach to the KS3 curriculum

Science, technology and mathematics teachers at Tendring Technology College had already collaborated across departments and wanted to develop these links further by adopting a thematic approach to the curriculum. The Key Stage 3 curriculum was reviewed to identify areas to embed a STEM philosophy into the lessons...

Professional Development for Primary Teachers to Deliver STEM Activities

Castlebrook High School was aware that many of its feeder primary schools found it difficult to deliver exciting STEM projects. In this project they aimed to provide training for the primary staff and in-school support when the activity was delivered.

Key Stage Three students from the science club were...

Promoting Innovation through Practical STEM Based Activities

With the introduction of the revised National Curriculum programmes of study, one of the Hampshire Leading Mathematics Teachers’ (LMT) core groups decided to focus on activities to promote cross-curricular STEM work in schools.

Mathematics departments tend to work in isolation and the LMTs first objective...

STEM in a Box: Coordinating the Teaching of Common Content through a Practical Project across Year Eight

Newland School is passionate about promoting women into areas such as mathematics and science, which are often viewed as traditionally male careers. Success in these careers requires an ability to draw on a range of common skills, but the traditionally isolated nature of secondary school departments has been a...

Applications of Glass to Make Mathematics More Appealing to STEM Club Members

The project involved members of staff from the STEM subjects at the Kingswinford School working collaboratively to plan and deliver sessions to a group of Year Nine students. These sessions were held after school for an hour each week during the summer and autumn terms in 2010 and targeted students who were Gifted...

Using Video as a Tool for a Cross-Curricular Approach to Teaching STEM Subjects

The main aim of the study was to:

*engage students and enhance their learning in mathematics through cross-curricular work with other STEM subjects, using video as a tool to encourage students to:
- reflect on their problem solving strategies
- interpret and communicate outcomes
- understand...

Countdown to Computing (Summer 2014)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter focuses broadly on computing in primary schools, and contains articles covering:

*The new National Curriculum Programme of Study for Computing

*Designing a new computing curriculum in your school; adapting previous curriculum models



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