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Playing with Toys in Space *suitable for home teaching*

Looking for a clip to illustrate momentum? Footagevault has provided this footage of astronaut Jeff Hoffman playing with a red toy car on a looped race track on board the Space Shuttle. The car's momentum and centripetal force keep it on the race track initially, before friction slows it down.

The Hammer and the Feather on the Moon

This classic Apollo 15 clip, from Footagevault, demonstrates that the mass of an object does not affect the time it takes to fall when dropped in a vacuum. The clip could be used in Key Stage Three and Four lessons on forces.

Astronauts Leaping on the Moon

This footage, from Footagevault, documents the locomotion of humans on the moon under reduced gravity conditions. It can be used with Key Stage Three and Four students to start discussions about forces. This clip shows Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan leaping towards the camera with great big kangaroo hops.


The Practical Curriculum

This Schools Council working paper, from 1981, looks at curriculum balance and content and issues of curriculum planning. Written before the introduction of the National Curriculum, the paper argues for a visible structure for the school curriculum, explaining why it is needed, suggesting measures for planning and...

Investigations in Mathematics

This resource provides a wealth of ideas and inspiration for teachers looking to enrich the curriculum with investigative mathematics. There is a mix of examples drawing out the mathematics from a wide range of everyday objects and activities. The activities are split into six units.

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Alternatives for Science Education

Alternatives for Science Education was produced and published by the Association for Science Education (ASE) in 1979. Its sub-title, A Consultative Document, indicates its aim and status. In addition to being a document of considerable historical interest, it contains arguments of continued relevance.


Electronics and A. C.

Electronics and A.C. is one of the titles in the series of ASE Lab Books that were published in the early 1970s for the Association for Science Education. Each title brought together the best of the teaching notes and experimental ideas from members of the association that had appeared in the ASE journal, School...

Guides to Assessment in Education: Mathematics

Teachers make assessments all the time for a whole variety of reasons. Assessment is essential to teaching. It has to be acknowledged that although getting to know students thoroughly is part of a teacher's expected load, assessment does represent a noticeable burden. Above all, the report tries to emphasize...


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