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School science technician networks: a guide to setting up one and making it succeed

This guide, from the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, draws on the advice of a number of experienced senior science technicians on how to set up a technician network. A local science technician network is a great way to share expertise, solve problems, gather ideas and to carry out cost effective...

Getting Practical: a Framework for Practical Work in Science

This booklet from SCORE aims to help teachers to recognise and plan for a wide variety of high quality science practical work, ranging from out of the classroom learning to opportunities for students to practise specific techniques and procedures.

The booklet defines practical work in science and explains...

PA Raspberry Pi Challenge

The competition challenges participants to use a Raspberry Pi to drive innovation in a particular theme.

Computer animation competition

  • Entrants create an original key-frame computer animation, up to one minute in length, using eligible software including: Alice, Flash, Scratch, Blender, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, and Serif DrawPlus. Entries can be from individuals or from small teams. Prizes are awarded by...

Birth of the Solar System

Produced by Twig, this animated video is a clear and accessible explanation of how the Solar System fromed. The video describes how:

* the solar system grew from a ball of gas which formed the Sun

* gravity caused heavy material to cluster together and eventually form planets

* the inner...

Create a Face

This unplugged activity uses a large model of a face, operated by several children working together, to teach how ‘emotion’ can be expressed by robots following simple rules. These rules are expressed as IF, THEN, ELSE, statements which, when combined, show the complex movement of a whole face in reaction to...

Exploring Young People's Views on Science Education

Published by the Wellcome Trust in September 2011, this report aimed to find a deeper understanding of young people’s attitudes to science education, particularly regarding the value young people place on science education (for themselves as individuals and for society in general), as well as the key factors...

Educational practices -guiding principles for learning in the 21st Century

The purpose of this booklet is to offer guiding principles about learning in the twenty-first century. It is intended for teachers, curriculum designers, school leaders, and others involved in all levels of school education and can be used for any age group, as the principles it contains are general enough to be...

Mathematical challenge

The competition is for Scottish schools and is divided into four divisions: Primary (P7), Junior (S1 and S2), Middle (S3 and S4), and Senior (S5 and S6).  Each year there are two rounds of problems for Secondary schools and three rounds for Primary schools.

  • ...

F1 in Schools

  • In teams of 3-6, students design, build and race model formula one cars powered by a compressed air cylinder.
  • F1 in Schools


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