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Student-led STEM Clubs - Handbook

A useful handbook for setting up a student-led STEM club, with exemplars from three schools.

It is increasingly recognised that giving students opportunities to act as ambassadors and mentors for STEM subjects outside of school can be of great benefit to the individual, their institution, and to the broader...

Catalyst mini edition

In this mini edition of Catalyst magazine, marine biologists Magnus Johnson and Melanie Coull, from the University of Hull, explore just how little we know about plastic waste in the ocean.

The world generates 288m tonnes of plastic worldwide each year, but little is known about it's fate in the ocean once...

A report from the Leading Space Education Programme

This publication is a report from the Leading Space Education Programme (LSEP). This is a Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) funded project that has worked with 30 schools in England with the aim of enhancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in secondary schools and using...

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