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Computers and maths in space

Mathematics plays a vital part in space flight, it gives us a way both to predict what should happen in the future and also ways to measure what’s actually happening in the present, and adapt to it. In this resource we look at a few places where maths helps in space flight. The maths is made simple here (it’s far,...

Colour and Wavelength in Space

In this activity, from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, students look at the Sun and the Milky Way in different wavelengths. They apply their understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum to astrophysical objects and look at why it is important to use the whole spectrum in astronomy. The images of the Sun are...

Colour and Temperature of Stars

This Teaching Astronomy and Space video clip, from the Institute of Physics (IOP), Teachers TV and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), shows how it is possible to illustrate how the light emitted by a star is related to the star's temperature. Using a filamernt lamp and a variable resistor, the...

Colonisation of Mars

Produced in 2015, this resource looks at Human survival in a closed system on Mars. 

Student activities include:

• Identify the basic requirements for Human life on Earth

• Understand the concept of a closed system and understand why the Earth, a space craft and Mars are all closed systems and...

Cluster: the UK View

Produced by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), this A4 colour brochure describes the leading role played by UK scientists and engineers at universities, observatories and research council establishments in the Cluster mission that is currently exploring the Earth's space environment. The European...

Chris Styles: Applications Engineer

Chris Styles is a Senior Applications Engineer at ARM, a company that specialises in designing computer chips for mobile phones. In this video, Chris talks about his job finding new uses for the computer chips by inventing new technological devices. 

As a STEM Ambassador, Chris has been working with local...

Catalyst Volume 26 Issue 2: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles: ​

This Catalyst article investigates how polymer materials can be designed and printed with electrical properties that allow them to be used in wearable electronic devices.


Catalyst Volume 22 Issue 1: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Food Waste Recycling - Power from Potato Peelings

This article looks at how food waste can be treated by anaerobic digestion to produce methane and ...

Catalyst Volume 19 Issue 3: Full Magazine

Articles in this issue of Catalyst include:

Water Power: the Micro-Hydro Revolution

The article looks at a micro-hydroelectric power station on a river in Yorkshire.


Catalyst Volume 17 Issue 4: Full Magazine

This issue of Catalyst includes the following articles:

Journey Into Inner Space

By the end of 2007, physicists working at Europe’s Large Hadron Collider hope to have received the first results from what is...


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