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Creating movie magic

This engineering challenge asks students to create a minute-long digital animated film that tells a creative, fictional story about a concept related to engineering. The resource provides questions to support students through the process of planning their video and asks them to create a storyboard before filming to...

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Exploring the past

This resource introduces the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP), a three-year interdisciplinary expedition researching ancient coastlines and seafaring history of the Bulgarian Black Sea. Black Sea MAP unveiled over 60 astonishingly well-preserved shipwrecks helping write the history of...

Design Club: Design a Helpful Mobile App

Design Club is a social enterprise set up to help children become design thinkers. We create industry-standard resources to help people run design thinking clubs and workshops for 9-13 year olds.

This set of resources contains everything you need to run a Design Club taster project: worksheets, a delivery...

Diamond: The Game

This game helps children develop an awareness of some of the different roles that scientists do. They find out about different jobs in science and some of the investigations that scientists are involved in, which help to solve problems  in the Real World.  It may be used to...

Science Education Tracker

Young people’s views on science education and careers.

CPD taster - Effective transition between year 6 and year 7 in science

This is a CPD taster created to give teachers a better understanding of what to expect when joining one of our science leadership courses. Below you will find a video and a task for you to do in your own time. Once you have done the activity, ...

Water and sanitation videos

Practical Action helps local communities in the developing world gain access to services such as water and sanitation, vital for a decent quality of life. Some examples of how they go about doing this and the technologies involved are demonstrated in these videos:

  • Dying for a drink - solar powered...

Energy videos

The problems caused by lack of access to energy, and renewable energy solutions implemented by Practical Action are shown in this series of videos.


Benefits of smoke hoods: Discusses the benefits to health and how food is cooked.

Dying for a drink - solar powered water pump: Installing a...

Regreen the desert

Practical Action have supplied this teacher's pack to challenge students to use their STEM skills to come up with solutions to a problem of water shortage in Sudan. The pack includes a PowerPoint presentation and Teacher Guide so that teachers can outline the problem to their students. The PowerPoint makes...

Solar Challenge

Students investigate the generation of electricity by solar cells and how this can transform the lives of people without access to mains electricity.  The challenge is based on Practical Action's work in Gwanda, Zimbabwe.  


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