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Skills Builder Toolkit

The Skills Builder Toolkit draws together the best thinking and experience around building essential skills from educators, employers and other skills-building organisations. It turns skills that can often seem hazy into a consistent set of eight transferable skills:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • ...

Ditch the dirt

This challenge enables pupils to model and test filters as a way of making dirty water cleaner. It can also be used to explore ways of making water safe to drink.  Curriculum links include separation techniques and pure substances.

The challenge can provide a focus for National Science and Engineering Week,...

Recycling - concept cartoon

This cartoon help pupils explore issues around how recycling and reusing products can benefit the environment.

Concept Cartoons are quick, simple and effective. They are designed to intrigue, provoke discussion and stimulate thinking. Concept Cartoons make concepts problematic and provide an engaging...

Pumpkins against Poverty

This cross curricular resource explores the difference that growing pumpkins can make to the lives of people living in flood affected regions in Bangladesh. It includes finding out about Bangladesh and its people and ways to address poverty, investigating the pumpkin lifecycle and seed germination, designing and...

Plastic challenge

This resource contains a series of lessons which are designed to extend students’ knowledge and understanding of plastics and plastic waste on a global scale. Linking to materials and their properties, the environment, recycling and design and technology, they contain investigations and activities aimed at both...

Deciding Destinations KS2

The premise of this activity is that the school is sending a rover to Mars. It is the job of the class to decide where the rover should land on Mars. Children work in groups to investigate 6 potential landing sites and weighing up the pros and...

A Microbial Box (English)

Create your own microbial box using a sealed bag. Place into the bag items that you think will change over time e.g. bread and items that may not change e.g. coffee beans. Check you are meeting your school health and safety regulations. Think about what...

26.2 with Tim (English)

Accumulate a total of 26.2 miles between as a team, an individual or as a family... it is up to you! We suggest the children run as a group to reflect this distance. 

Tim Peake ran the 42km (26.2mi) distance int three hours, 35 minutes wearing a harness over his shoulders and waist to keep him in contact...

Peake Lift Off (English)

Why not add space-style burpees to your astronaut training programmes? In Peake Lift off you will perform a burpee, an activity that is designed to promote a combination of muscular strength, agility, coordination and endurance. The burpee blends together squats, pushups, and jumping in the air!

10 ways to find your STEM career

Use this poster to help your students to see how their experiences in and out of lessons will support them on their STEM career journey. 


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