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UTOPIAE - CPD for Advanced Higher Physics/Maths teachers

UTOPIAE presents two...

Resistivity of metal wires

This builds on from GCSE work on resistance to investigate the resistivity of a series of metals in the form of wires.  This is common and simple investigation where students can look at developing their measuring skills, especially with calculating the area of the wires.

Pi Day - Calculating Pi using geometry

A walk through of calculating Pi using polygons. Suitable for any students who have had an introduction to the Cosine Rule and can rearrange an equation. Contextualised by retro computer game graphics.

Cartesian components of vectors

This resource from Mathcentre explores vectors in two and three-dimensions, how to calculate the length of a position vector and the angle between a position vector and an x axis. After reading through the text and completed the exercise questions, students should be able to: 

  • coordinate unit vectors in...

Spreadsheet tutorials

This series of spreadsheet tutorials for excel 10, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, work through a range of spreadsheet functions that can be used when analysing data.

Each tutorial contains detailed instructions and a series of exercises to work through. The tutorials start with some of the more...

Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

Hypatia Gender Criteria for Schools, Industry and Museums

Organic pathways

Many of the chemicals we use as drugs, flavourings and perfumes originate from natural sources but often the most economical way of obtaining them is to produce them artificially on an industrial scale.

In this activity students find out about the chemical that gives vanilla its popular flavour - vanillin....

Biology to technology

In this biochemistry-based activity students consider why many industrial chemical reactions are being catalysed by enzymes. They find out about an important coenzyme, NADH and act in role as industrial chemists by evaluating the different ways of recycling it.

The activity gives them an insight into...

Studying social anxiety

Impulsive, socially anxious, uncompromising - these are some of the characteristics you may recognise in the teenagers you know. Scientists at the University of Oxford are researching into changes that take place in the teenage brain that may explain this change in behaviour.

In this activity students read a...

Testing testing

Machine learning is a process where machines or rather, computer code running on machines, is created that allows the code to develop its own methods to categorise information based on data that we feed into it.  Scientists at the University of Oxford are working on ways to improve the speed and accuracy of these...


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