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STEM Clubs are individual to each school and there is no fixed formula for running one. There is, however, plenty of support available for those wanting to start one, and for existing club leaders who want to develop their club further.

This collection includes a step by step guide which...

STEM Learning Magazine

Published termly and supporting the primary, secondary and further education sector, these insightful magazines contain interviews, features, news, and tips on teaching and learning in STEM related subjects.

The STEM Learning magazines pull the expertise of the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and...

This series of  write-in workbooks is an invaluable resource to help learners improve their maths and English skills and prepare for level 1 and level 2 functional skills exams. The workbook format enables learners to practice and improve their maths and English skills and the real-life questions, exercises...

Core Maths videos

This series of short videos discuss the benefits of Core Maths from the perspectives of both teachers and students.

HEaTED magazine

Published termly, the HEaTED magazines bring together information, ideas and resources to support technicians in FE and HE institutions. The magazines also highlight resources and professional development opportunities.

MYP Mathematics 2: a concept-based approach

Fully integrated with the MYP curriculum, this comprehensive book empowers students to develop a deep and engaged understanding of mathematics. An inquiry-based approach combined with lings to Global...

Bad Choices, how algorithms can help you think smarter and live happier









Readers around the world have embraced Ali Almossawi's whimsical illustrations and his funny,...

Further Mathematics A; discrete


Achieve your full potential with learning materials that guide you through the Discrete content of the new OCR Further Maths...

Arabic geometrical pattern and design

Book containing 190 examples of Islamic geometrical art; hexagon designs, octagon designs etc.

Prime climb


  • A beautiful, colorful, mathematical board game
  • Color-coded board makes multiplication and division as easy as combining colors
  • Easy to learn
  • ...


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