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Beam and Mass

This video and accompanying teacher notes explore moments. The video details an experiment to explore the principles involved, as well as including the calculations required and how to extend the task.




Core Maths resources

In this video teachers reveal their favourite resource for teaching Core Maths.

Included are resources that motivate students through engaging topics, resources that deal with concepts in ways that students have not met at GCSE and resources that link to other subjects.

Core Maths resources...

Core Maths: the student experience

Two sixth form students speak about the positive experiences they have had studying Core Maths.

They highlight the usefulness of the content of the course in their current studies, helping their understanding of Economics, Forensic Science, Health and Social Care, Physics and Computer Studies. They...

Benefits of Core Maths

In this video teachers discuss the benefits of teaching Core Maths.

The benefits highlighted include:

Making mathematics exciting and entertaining Encouraging more students to study mathematics post 16. Making links with other subjects. Helping students applying to university or for an apprenticeship....

Top tips for teaching Core Maths

This video contains advice from teachers and trainers on successful strategies for the teaching of Core Maths.

Teaching tips include:

Experiment- don't be discouraged if things go wrong. Include real world problems to help students engage with their mathematics. Make sure your teaching is different to...

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