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Topics in recreational mathematics

The topics discussed in this book have formed the subject of talks given by the author to mathematical and scientific audiences. The aim was to show something of the fascination and beauty of mathematics, as well as its enormous extent. The mathematical background assumed does not often go beyond that at G.C.E. at...

Emotional robot

A short starter activity for students of all ages. It would make a good introduction to lessons on robotics or artificial intelligence and could spark a discussion on how neural networks might be used to create human-like behaviour?. Equally, when discussing HCI design, it might move the debate beyond keyboard and...

Vectors and matrices in two dimensions (new mathematics pamphlets)

This pamphlet approaches matrix algebra from the viewpoint of a pupil who has already covered a certain amount of graphical work.

Graphs and inequalities (new mathematics pamphlets)

This pamphlet is focused on the relative sizes of numbers, and simple expressions which involve numbers. The reader can investigate some of the properties by using accurate drawings on graph paper, and also consider what algebraic processes have been achieved as a result of their drawings.

Tesselator (BBC micro and electron manual)


With the Tesselator you can avoid all the donkey-work and experiment freely with complex and natural patterns, gaining a deep insight into this fascinating area of geometric art. 

National certificate mathematics: volume 3 (technical college series)

College-level mathematics book from 1960.

National certificate mathematics: volume 2 (technical college series)

College-level mathematics book from 1960.

National certificate mathematics: volume 1 (technical college series)

College-level mathematics book from 1960.

M. C. Escher 1988 engagement book

1988 calender illustrated with images of Escher's work.

Advantages of the metric system

This book shows how the metric system was developed, logically and methodically, by scientists, engineers, merchants and statesmen of many countries, including our own. It is then compared with the imperial system in a variety of contexts, and its advantages are considered objectively, particularly in its modern...


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