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Life of water

The resources in this pack detail a series of experiments teachers can run with their class when learning about water.  Each experiment is set in a space context and includes information for students and for teachers.

The short video clips can be used to support the activities in the teachers' guide.


Life in Our Solar System

Life in the extremesMicrobes can survive in the most hostile and inhospitable environments. Might similar places in our solar system be able to support them too?

Why are scientists interested in Mars?Why are scientists interested in Mars? Four scientists talk about why they are interested in the red...

Life and the Universe

This video features a panel discussion with space scientist, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, the cosmologist, Carlos Frenk, and the science fiction novelist, Adam Roberts. They discuss the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe and ask the question “Are we alone in the cosmos?”. They explore ideas such as the number...

Learning Outside the Classroom

Part of the Great Lesson Ideas series, this Teachers TV video looks at how secondary science topics can be taught away from the classroom. It shows at ideas for three great day visits.

These include:

• The Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, in Cornwall, to learn about satellites, space and...

Kittinger: First Man in Space

This film, from Twig World, tells the story of Joe Kittinger who made the first journey beyond Earth's atmosphere.

The key points made in the film are:

•Project Excelsior III was the American Air Force’s mission to test high altitude bailouts.

•As part of this mission Colonel Joe Kittinger...

Is There Anyone Out There?

This resource was funded by the UK Space Agency and developed by ESERO-UK and CIEC Promoting Science. It is based upon the quest to discover more about the solar system through space projects such as the European Space Agency’s Aurora programme, and NASA’s Curiosity mission seeking to gather evidence of life on the...

Invisible Wavelengths

This Teaching Astronomy and Space video clip, from the Institute of Physics (IOP), Teachers TV and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), shows a simple demonstration to illustrate wavelengths of radiation that are invisible to the human eye, but which can be detected using a camera phone or digital...

How Are Mirrors Made?

This film, from Twg World, looks at the process of manufacturing glass into sophisticated mirror systems in the world's largest telescopes.

The key points made in the film are:

•Mirrors are made from glass, which is melted and spread over a base.

•Telescopes use mirrors to focus light onto a...

Great British Space Food

This video features celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal, challenging the viewer to design a British themed meal for astronaut Tim Peake to eat on the International Space Station (ISS). The video features some footage of astronaut on the ISS to illustrate the point that the food will have to be eaten in a weightless...

Textiles: Eco Design

Tom is the Creative Director for outdoor eco-clothing brand, Finnister. Their customers not only want clothing which looks good and performs well, but also which reflects concern for the environment. In the film clip, Tom explains what eco-design means. He is always looking for new types of...


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