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Safety in practical studies


This book provides advice to teachers on safety education and a general guide to precautions for all who work in the education service.

Health and safety for design and technology in educational and similar establishments - code of practice

Health and safety code of practice for D&T in establishments such as schools, universities, factories and other work places. 

Earth and its place in the universe

This book from the Discovering Science series is about the Earth and its place in the universe.
Topics include:
• The view from the Earth 
• Exploring the Universe 
• Newton’s laws The Solar System 
• The Earth’s surface 
• Earthquakes 
• Volcanic activity 
• How rocks are...

Science: the living world

This series is designed to help lower ability children, or those with special needs, to develop the essential skills of observation, predicting, recording and drawing conclusions. The books contain a mixture of paper-based tasks and 'hands on' activities. The photocopiable worksheets introduce one concept or...

Science and defence

Science and Defence is a Science in Society reader with a series of essays discussing defence strategies with particular reference to nuclear weapons.

The book looks at why these weapons are 'a case apart' and the effects that they would have had on the wars that were raging at the time of writing in 1984....

Mercury and venus

How long is a day on Mercury? What are space probes used for? How tall is Venus' highest volcano? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this fascinating book on Mercury and Venus, part of the Up in Space series from QED.

Jupiter and saturn

How many moons does Jupiter have? Why do Jupiter and Saturn look stripy? And what makes up Saturn's rings? Learn the answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts about Jupiter and Saturn in this dazzling book from QED. 

Green chemistry

Produced by the Triple Science Support Programme, this quick guide looks at our use of chemicals which is inevitable, whatever their source. Green, or sustainable, chemistry develops chemicals and processes capable of performing vital functions, while minimising social and environmental costs.

This is a...

Size matters: the Royal Institution Christmas lectures 2010 - teachers' pack

From the very large to the very small, the Kings College London scientist investigates why size is an important factor for both living and non-living matter.

Beginning his journey into the world of scale with a furry friend, Mark reveals why hamsters fare better than humans when jumping from the top of a...

Science spectrum: teacher's resource pack

By providing opportunities to explore hypotheses and the nature of evidence, this book is designed to meet a key requirement of the National Curriculum - that students should be made aware of the role and importance of science in their lives. It aims to awaken students' curiosity and encourage them to communicate...

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