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Students are challenged to answer a series of mathematical questions in this game from Subtangent. There are 14 questions to be answered correctly before reaching one million pounds and there is the opportunity for students to change their mind before committing to their answer.

The questions cover a wide...

Higher or Lower?

In this game from Subtangent students use their knowledge of probability to choose whether the next card is higher or lower than the one being displayed.

The number of cards to guess in a game can be varied and there is also the option of playing with a single suit or a full deck.

The game allows...


Countdown from Subtangent challenges the players to get as close as possible to a target number, using six numbers and the four standard operations of arithmetic before the time runs out.

Players can choose how many large or small numbers they wish to use for each game.
The Numbers and Letters version...

Decanting Puzzle

Students are challenged to measure a set quantity of liquid in this activity from Subtangent, using two jugs of different capacity.

The game allows vessels to be filled; liquid to be swapped between the vessels, or to be emptied out.

There are six levels of difficulty which will afford students the...

Broken Calculator

Is it possible to use the broken calculator in this Subtangent activity to make a given set of numbers?

There are six levels of difficulty in this activity starting with whole numbers, then introducing negative numbers and decimals.

The broken keys vary at each level giving the opportunity to use the...

Matching Game

Matching names of shapes to their drawings is the focus of this interactive game from Subtangent.

Students need to remember the position of cards which have already been revealed to complete the task as quickly as possible.

This game gives an opportunity to reinforce knowledge of the properties of...


Matching numbers in hexagons is the challenge in this Subtangent activity.

Seven hexagons each with six numbers have to be placed on a grid so that the numbers match. The hexagons can be moved and rotated.

Placing the central hexagon is the key to solving this puzzle and a hint is available to help to...

Function Machines

There are 10 questions on function machines in this Subtangent resource.

Questions increase in difficulty and offer students the opportunity to identify specific problem areas.

The test covers simple inputs and outputs from single and double function machines, as well as requiring students to...

Properties of Numbers

In this Subtangent resource there are 10 questions of increasing difficulty starting with factors and multiples. Square and triangular numbers LCMs and HCFs complete the topics.

Students are given four possible answers to choose from and a calculator is available for some of the questions.

There is an...

Pythagoras' Theorem

This Subtangent test on Pythagoras' theorem gives students the opportunity to practice all aspects of this topic.

Questions begin with simple calculations and progress to problems which are set in context as well as a complex 3-dimensional application.

An on screen calculator with root, square and...


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