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Noisy Coral Reefs, Melting Ice Sheets and Whale Speak

In this podcast from the Planet Earth Online collection and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Richard Hollingham hears how the underwater world isn't the soundless place often imagined. From chirping, gurgling and snapping sounds from busy coral reefs to clicking sperm whales, scientists are finding...

Calculations with hundreds and thousands

This resource, from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, builds on students' previous knowledge of multiplying by powers of 10 to demonstrate how calculations such as 2000 x 300 can be performed accurately. Follow-up exercises provide practice in the skills learned.

Lesson 5: Melting Glaciers and Their Impacts

The glacier experiment sequence from the previous two lessons is repeated here, accompanied by the glacier vulnerability score chart. Two sets of student assessment tasks are given for levels three to seven. One of these allows teachers to print and distribute the questions most suitable to their class or to...

Lesson 3: Research a Glacier

In this resource, students investigate how glaciers respond to climate change by building a model of a glacier and observing how fast it melts. The class can be split into groups, each researching a different glacier so that comparisons can be made. Information sheets are provided for seven glaciers. This resource...

Lesson 4: Glacier Research

In this resource, students investigate how glaciers respond to climate change by building a model of a glacier and observing how fast it melts. The data is analysed further using the Glacier vulnerability matrix which ranks the glaciers risk of melting due to its area, thickness, altitude and latitude. This...

Mystery of Gibraltar

Students learn about the solutions of a particular substance which...

Eating nails

In this investigation, students extract iron from a breakfast cereal and consider how our bodies are able to digest iron by looking at its reactions with hydrochloric acid.

Gelli baff

Gelli Baff, a crystalline powder, has been dumped into a bathtub filled with water. How can you force the hydrogel to go down the plughole in order to drain the bathtub? 

In this investigation, students learn about swelling reactions, balanced reactions, and polymerisation. Students should be able to...

Mysterious eggs

In this mystery, students make a hypothesis based on the old saying that a rotten egg floats when put in fresh water, and fresh eggs sink.   This is a good investigation to discuss margin of error and the validity of the results.

Curriculum links include density, Archimedes, buoyancy.

Dr Mark's STEM Investigation Activities e-Book

A selection of 60 FREE fun and novel Science & Maths activities and investigations to have a go at - about half are Science and half are Maths - either in class, at home or in STEM clubs. The FREE e-book contains about 200 or so pages of detailed instructions, which are all drawn from Dr Mark's retail...


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