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Learning to be an engineer: report

This report, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering (the Academy), explores the ways schools can create better and more engaging learning opportunities for would-be engineers.

This report identifies four principles that underpin the kinds of teaching that are most...

Infections and diseases - wanted posters

A series of posters presenting details and characteristics of the following diseases: HIV/AIDS, avian flu, diabetes, sclerosis, tuberculosis, polio, arthritis, and smallpox.


Allergy information

This collection of posters and leaflets, provided by the Food Standards Agency, provides information about food allergies.  They would be useful for anyone dealing with food, including teachers and other adults who are running cookery clubs or who are teaching cookery in school.

Garden organic

From Garden Organic this set of cards provides growing instructions for strawberries, carrot, garlic, spring onions, spring cabbage and phacelia.  Each card is illustrated with a photograph of the plant on one side with clear cultural instructions including when to plant, when to harvest and how to care for the...

OCR GCSE Computing Guide

GCSE Computing – The Teacher’s Unofficial Guide This guide, which supports the OCR GCSE, covers how to teach the course. Separate sections look at: • Written examination • Practical investigation • Programming project It is not officially linked to the exam board, but they have ‘adopted’ it as their official,...

How does space affect the human body?

This infographic, from the Canadian Space Agency, describes how microgravity and increased radiation levels in space can affect astronauts' blood, circulation, muscles, nervous system, eyes, bones and DNA.

Race for the Line - Micro:bit Model Rocket Car

Employer engagement in education report

This report represents the culmination of a year’s worth of work through a literature review, workshops and surveys looking at employer engagement in schools. It aims to draw out current best practice and make recommendations on next steps to share that more widely. It forms part of a strategic direction taken by...

Young people's employabilty skills: impact of STEMnet's programmes

This report, completed by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES), was commissioned by STEMnet (the Science, Engineering, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network). It investigates the impact of the STEM Ambassador and STEM Clubs programmes on young people’s employability skills.

Parched Plants: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This is Challenge three of the 2017-18 . The competition is open to teams of two to four students aged 11 to 14 from across the UK.  Students can win some fantastic prizes, including an invitation to a celebratory event at the Science Museum, an Ultimate STEM experience day, £500 for their...


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