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This booklet investigates gemstones, what they are, how to identify them and their types. The resource describes how to apply Moh's scale of hardness and looks at specific gravity testing, blowpipe and bead tests. It then lists and describes a large number of semi-precious stones, including their hardness scores...


This booklet looks at the importance of magnification to scientific study. It explains how a microscope works, how to construct a simple microtome (used to view fibres) and how each of these are used. A set of 15 experiments then leads students to explore fibres, different types of hair and a variety of other...


This booklet introduces students to photography techniques. It includes the chemistry involved in processing negatives and films.

*Production of the negative
*Loading the film
*Exposing the film
*Unloading the film
*The Developing...

Plant Hormones

This booklet contains a large number of practical experiments exploring plant hormones. These experiments cover the way the hormones work and the effects they have on the plants' growth and development. Curriculum links include auxins, phototropism, geotropism, plant regulators, gibberellins, kinins and growth...

Polymer Science

This booklet contains practical experiments exploring plastics and polymerisation. The text starts with an introduction which explains the types of polymerisation (addition and condensation) and plastics (thermoplastic and thermosetting) and their molecular compositions. It also looks at the effects of heat on weak...


This booklet describes the difference between climate and weather and provides experiments which look at what weather is, and why, how to observe it and how to apply these observations.

Part 1: lntroduction

Part 2: Practicals
Observations of the...


This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series describes the process of batik, a method of obtaining a pattern upon a piece of fabric.

Silk Screen Printing

This booklet from the Griffin Technical Studies series introduces students to the skill of silk screening printing. It begins with instructions on how to make a basic frame and describes the other materials needed and how to prepare the workroom. Causes and remedies for common problems are also addressed.


Colour in Nature

This booklet provides practical activities which investigate light, sight and colour. The ideas of energy in the form of light waves radiating from a source, direct and reflected or 'scattered' light, the ways in which the light received causes the sensation of sight, and interpretations of colour by different...


This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical activities which investigate the processes of corrosion. A set of experiments are designed to give students a basic idea of the electro-chemical reactions which are responsible for the corrosion of metals. The resource also considers...


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