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Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Secondary SEAL – A Quick Guide

The Department of Education resource Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Secondary SEAL – A Quick Guide looks to define SEAL and its key elements, and well as offering a six-step approach on how to get started with SEAL.

Dynamic digital technologies for dynamic mathematics: final report

This report summarises the outcomes of the Nuffield Foundation funded 2014–17 project ‘Developing teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching and classroom use of technology through engagement with key mathematical concepts using dynamic digital technology’. The project took place between January 2014 and...

Good Practical Science

This report looks at hands-on practical science in secondary schools and uses an international study to answer the question ‘What does good look like?’. Using a  model of international visits, surveys and literature reviews, a framework of ten benchmarks has been established with appropriate flexibility to...

STEM Ambassadors: making an impact

STEM Ambassadors are a UK national treasure. An important and exciting free of charge resource for young learners, teachers and other individuals working with young people - in and outside of the classroom. They bring a fresh and inspiring perspective to STEM lessons and careers information, and complement...

Retaining and developing the teaching workforce

This report examines whether the Department for Education is supporting the schools sector effectively to retain and develop the teaching workforce.

STEM and STEAM for Cartography

Mini Map Makers is creating a Poster for STEM and STEAM for Cartography. How Cartography interacts with the elements! 

This is working progress and a draft copy will be out soon!

Topical Science Updates

Topical Science Updates are monthly newsletters for schools focusing on some of the big, quirky and interesting science stories in the news. 

Each month 3 or 4 stories are featured to help teachers embed topical science in their everyday teaching.

Each story has links to articles, video clips and...

Students' Guide to Controlled Assessment

The guide to controlled assessment covers the following areas: - What is controlled assessment in GCSE Astronomy? - Guidance for designing observations - Guidance for making observations - Guidance for analysing observations - Guidance for evaluating your project - Presenting your final report - Useful dos and dont...

Tough choices

Young people are being put off maths and science in their droves during secondary school according to the Tough Choices report developed by A. T. Kearney in partnership with the Your Life campaign and the CBI. The Tough Choices report reveals that the lack of...

Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching: webinar transcript

Transcript of the Q&A webinar held on 2015-05-06.

(This resource was used to support the free online Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching...


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