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The Eatwell guide

Interactive eatwell guide resource, differentiated blank eat well guide worksheets. 

All about water!

Various powerpoints and worksheets on the importance of staying hydrated, also looks at dehydration.

Pizza toast - using the ovens

Making pizza toast, theory work on using the oven.  Different types of heat transmittions. 

Sensory words wall display

Words to print for a sensory wall display. 

Cooking session 3: brilliant baking

This Licence to Cook practical session introduces students to the safe use of the oven, as well as consolidating the use of other pieces of equipment. During this session, students make either fruity flapjacks or tropical granola bars. These recipes have been chosen as they use the oven and/or the hob and require...

Food in Space

This clip, from NASA, shows what types of food astronauts eat in space and how the food must be lightweight, nutritional, take up little volume and be long-lasting. A classroom activity is also included that investigates suitable foods and containers. This may be used at Key Stage Three or adapted for use at Key...

Pandora: How Do We Learn Without Taking Risks?

This resource, from Planet Science, provides teachers with case studies and information which can be use to plan lessons involving debates on two questions. The underlying message to students is for them to consider whether all scientific inventions are for the good of society.

The two case studies...

Princeton USA: Can You Really Be a Burger Addict?

This Planet Science resource highlights the problems of fast foods and obesity to students. The stimulus is an American court case where a 56 year old man with diabetes and two heart attacks sued several fast food chains claiming they were responsible for his illnesses. Some scientists believe eating fast food can...

Food Bacteria (Key Stage Three)

From the Chilled Food Association, this resource helps students to think about bacterial contamination of food and how the risk of contamination can be reduced. The materials are aimed at STEM ambassadors or company personnel running a session in a secondary school. However, they can be adapted for use by teachers...

Food Hygiene (Key Stage Three)

From the Chilled Food Association, this resource helps children to think about hygiene and in particular the importance of washing hands. The materials are aimed at STEM ambassadors but are readily adapted for use by teachers in the classroom.

The materials consist of a lesson plan, stimulus materials and...


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