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Fair trade brownies

Lessons learning about fair trade and the use of fairtrade ingredients when making chocolate brownies.  Powerpoint and worksheets.

Environmental and ethical food choices lesson

Environmental and ethical food choices lesson.  Includes; card sort, powerpoint, differentiated worksheets and several video clips on free range vs caged hens. 

Washing up hygienically

Washing up hygienically - video and worksheet

Enzymatic browning

Powerpoint explaining enzymatic browning linking in with healthy eating and fruit salad. 

Biscuit experiment - ingredient functions

Experiement looking at the ingredient functions in biscuits spread over two lessons.  Powerpoint and differentiated worksheets to complete based on the experiment. 

Pasta Salad powerpoint and resources

Powerpoint and differentiated resources on designing and making a pasta salad.  Looks at different vegetables and healthy eating. 

The Eatwell guide

Interactive eatwell guide resource, differentiated blank eat well guide worksheets. 

All about water!

Various powerpoints and worksheets on the importance of staying hydrated, also looks at dehydration.

Pizza toast - using the ovens

Making pizza toast, theory work on using the oven.  Different types of heat transmittions. 

Cooking session 3: brilliant baking

This Licence to Cook practical session introduces students to the safe use of the oven, as well as consolidating the use of other pieces of equipment. During this session, students make either fruity flapjacks or tropical granola bars. These recipes have been chosen as they use the oven and/or the hob and require...


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