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Biscuit Bonanza

This Licence to Cook practical session is about baking biscuits, both savoury and sweet. During the session, students will make either Cheese straws or ANZAC biscuits.

The session aims to improve students’ knowledge of flour based products and act as a reminder for the safe use of the cooker. It can be used...

An Italian Feast

This resource for Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four students provides some statistics about the eating habits of children in Italy and asks students to compare and contrast these with their own eating habits. Through this activity, students have to interpret charts and graphs, plan how to collect data and design a...

Zone 11: Healthy Life

This Crystal exhibition resource from Siemens highlights the strain that a growing and ageing population is putting on healthcare systems. It presents solutions, including keeping healthy, personalising medicine, preventing diseases and reducing costs through efficient processes and infrastructure.


Life's Hidden Order: Fruit and Vegetables

This resource looks at the discovery of new plants in the 18th Century. This quick worksheet asks students to match fruit and vegetables to their discovery.

Carl Linnaeus studied plants from around the world, leading to botanical gardens being built to house and catalogue each plant. Many of these plants...

Sourcing Sugars

This resource describes how students can investigate the sugars in food and drink. Background information is provided about complex and simple carbohydrates.

In the first activity, students use clinistix to test for glucose. The second worksheet describes the use of Benedict's Reagent to test for reducing...

Fruit Juice (Key Stage Three)

In this activity students investigate the use of additives, such as citric acid and baking powder, in chilled drinks to inhibit microbial growth by increasing or decreasing the pH.

Microbes in Yoghurt

In this experiment students prepare a smear slide of yoghurt and observe Gram stained bacteria using a microscope. The lesson also looks at magnification and representing numbers in standard form.

Curriculum links include:

* Working Scientifically - Experimental Skills and Investigations: use...


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