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Christmas ice cream

Here are the instructions for the 12th Challenge in the Series run by Team STEAM#99 (@Fulford School York).

Each team will need 1/2 a cup of cream, a large ice cream tub with hole cut in lid (to house cream cup) ice, salt, range...

Energy Trilemma Activities

There is a delicate balance between the three main areas of our energy future; security, accessibility and sustainability. This is known as the energy trilemma. How we manage these areas is a tricky task.


Bread - yeast experiment

Lesson on ingredient functions in bread and a yeast experiment.

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers

Processed foods - chicken nuggets and burgers.  Lesson on taste testing and comparing premade vs homemade chicken nuggets. 


Enzymatic browning

Powerpoint explaining enzymatic browning linking in with healthy eating and fruit salad. 

Biscuit experiment - ingredient functions

Experiement looking at the ingredient functions in biscuits spread over two lessons.  Powerpoint and differentiated worksheets to complete based on the experiment. 

Fortune Tellers

In this Planet Science resource, instructions are given for making a fortune teller so students can make one with their own questions and answers. Attractive templates are provided where the science topic links to a possible career. They can be used to stimulate interest among 9 to 13 year olds and suggest possible...

Protecting Tutorial 1

This Licence to Cook tutorial is about being safe and hygienic when buying, carrying and storing food. The differentiated slides cover:

• Looking at the quality of food when shopping
• Storing food, including the use of the fridge and freezer
• Date marks
• Preparing the kitchen

Protecting Tutorial 2

This Licence to Cook tutorial follows on from the Protecting Tutorial 1 and investigates further the inportance of being safe and hygienic when preparing food. The differentiated slides cover:

• Preparing raw ingredients
• Cleaning work surfaces
• Cooking thoroughly
• Covering food and safe...

Shopping Tutorial 1

This Licence to Cook tutorial is about ensuring value for money when shopping. The differentiated slides cover:

• Planning ahead
• Adapting recipes
* Considering the requirements of those you will be catering for
• How to save money and budget effectively
• Comparing foods in a...


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