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Developing Algebra

This booklet contains a number of case studies of lessons that emphasise working with what students already know and working from concrete ideas to the abstract. Each case study explains the task, contains examples of students’ work and explains how the lesson was followed up.

[b]The function game[/b] is one...

Some Lessons with Calculators

This booklet collects together ideas suitable for use with secondary school aged students. The activities are designed to encourage students to use their calculators efficiently and positively to help develop mathematical thinking and understanding.

[b]Finding your way about a calculator[/b] is a guide to...

Midlands Mathematical Experiment Volume Two CSE Part A

This book was designed to cover a course suitable for students studying for a CSE examination. The topics covered in the book are:

• [b]Order, Vectors and Chess[/b]: A recap of bearings leading to a definition of simple position vectors and notation of moves in Chess using vectors.

• [b]Fractions of...


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