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IOM3 News

News bulletin from The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Its aim is to connect teachers to the world of materials, minerals and mining. Part of the Schools Affiliate Scheme. 


Holdings: 2006 - 2011

Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Guaranteed to stimulate critical thinking and discussion, the film features archival footage, flashbacks, post-experiment interviews with the prisoners and guards, and comparisons with real prisons. It documents the surprise arrests by city police and vividly shows the pathology that developed among participants,...

Optical illusions

Easy to use and install, this multimedia package is ideal for children to enjoy and learn from. The package is full of fascinating facts about optical illusions. Find out how straight lines can appear to bend, water can seem to disappear, and coins miraculously expand in this combined book and CD-ROM. Click on...

Adventures with impossible figures

Describes the methods which are used to construct intriguing impossible figures which can tease the eye and baffle the imagination. Copious examples are drawn from the author's own work and the fertile imagination of Escher and Oscare Reutersvard.


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