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Careers in robotics

This poster displays quotes from STEM Ambassadors who use robotics in their role:

  • Researcher
  • Offshore Renewables Energy Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

What skills can I develop with robotics?

This poster provides examples of the types of skills that you can develop whilst learning robotics, including:

  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • creativity

Robotics in STEM industries

This poster provides examples of different industries that are using robotic technology. For example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Subsea
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Space

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Solving problems at sea

This video and classroom task explores how the crew of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP) solved the problem of how to safely retrieve and store an archeological find, whilst working offshore, exploring the Bulgarian Black Sea.

The project included the discovery of the world’s...

Teacher's guide - Deployable structures

These resources allow the learning of maths within the engineering context of deployable structures. There are a range of secondary maths topics covered including density, nets,...

Engineering our existence

These resources explore how different indigenous populations have used engineering to allow them to live in extreme environments and what we can learn from these solutions. They also explore some modern engineering solutions to living in extreme environments.

The engineering our existence STEM resources are...

Creating movie magic

This engineering challenge asks students to create a minute-long digital animated film that tells a creative, fictional story about a concept related to engineering. The resource provides questions to support students through the process of planning their video and asks them to create a storyboard before filming to...

Power up!

This STEM resource looks at different types of energy, energy in engineering, the importance of electricity and how this is generated. It investigates different types of renewable energy through a number of engineering themed hands-on and practical activities.

Curriculum links:

  • Science: Energy...

A design for swimming

Ellen Harper is a masters student currently working at Poolpod and works on getting people with restricted mobility swimming through inclusive design. In this video she talks about the Poolpod lift, a device that allows the user to take a submersible wheelchair into a swimming pool.

Classifying materials

These diagnostic questions and response activities (contained in the zip file) support students in being able to:

  • Use properties to identify that an object is made of metal.

  • Use properties to identify that an object is made off a ceramic.

  • Recognise that polymers...


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