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Fire extinguishers and combustion *suitable for home teaching*

In this predict-observe-explain activity, students explore different ways of extinguishing a flame with some surprising results. The lesson is introduced with the video of engineer Yusuf Muhammad. Yusuf is developing a revolutionary new household fire-safety device, incorporating the techniques of professional...


This lesson links aspects of states of matter to the use of bubbles to deliver drugs to cancerous tissue, and is appropriate to students aged 12- 14. Most children will be familiar with soapy bubbles consisting of gas surrounded by a film of moisture. This lesson looks at the formation of bubbles that contain...

Radar: seeing the unseen

This activity booklet uses the real life context of air traffic control using radar signals to identify the position of an aeroplane that students act out. It provides them with an opportunity to use their knowledge of waves and speed = distance / time to calibrate and calculate the distance a plane is from the...

Wright Site construction challenge

The Wright Site Challenge is a virtual experience of life as a construction worker. The resource is an interactive walk-through journey from induction to site work. Students can explore a variety of roles in construction and learn about how to...

STEM Club Activity: Introduction: Club Leaders

These resources are designed to inspire students, regardless of their background, and show that engineering and technology are positively beneficial to their present and future lives.

Engineering Engagement Project...

Sound Design

This video looks at the structural design of the O2 building in Dublin. This is a built music venue with a capacity of 14,000 people, designed to provide unrestricted views and excellent acoustics. The film shows the exciting role of acoustic engineers and explains how they developed criteria from the...

Cyber control

The Royal Academy of Engineering explores cyber control through this activity pack, looking at networks of connected devices. It covers:

  • The benefits of devices connected via the internet and scenarios to consider
  • The dangers of hacking
  • A programming task using the micro:bit using...

This is Engineering: tech trendsetter

“I am software engineer for ASOS, building technology that fundamentally changes how people experience fashion.”

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.

This is Engineering: code composer

“I’ve always loved music and play keyboards, guitar and bass. I got into making music on my computer and I find virtual instruments fascinating. Now I work as a software engineer working in digital audio, experimenting with sounds for TikTok.”

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering...

This is Engineering: you can make a difference

This video introduces the difference that engineers make to society.

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.


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