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Engineering Insights- Railway Industry

On a graduate scheme for London Underground, Arno Bajon has been working on a wide variety of railway projects, from signalling to maintenance of train tracks. He describes the benefits of a career in the railways, and explains how to get ahead in the sector, from the first year of a mechanical engineering degree...

Ford- Engineered in Britain

This film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, shows how the imagination of engineers have made Ford one of the leading-edge automotive companies in the world, with a large proportion of its engine and powertrain development originating in the UK. The innovation of its UK engineers, who develop next...

Hozelock- Engineered in Britain

As part of the Engineered in Britain series, this film shows how Hozelock products are designed, developed and manufactured through a process of sketching, developing key concepts and presenting ideas to consumers. The company needs to flexible to meet sudden demands in its products as the weather changes....

Our vision: What is mechanical engineering?

Simon Taylor, chief engineer, introduces the work of the engineering team at the Mars factory in Slough. Ed Godsell, a project engineer who started on the Mars graduate scheme, explains the critical role of engineers in getting products onto the market. The production line runs 24 hours a day, every day of the...

Running Shoes

Loughborough University's sports engineers are using additive layer manufacturing or '3D printing' to help build personalised running spikes. Andrea Vinet is a research student at the Sports Technology Institute and has been looking at the manufacturing and human performance testing of running shoes. Her aim is...

SeaGen - Sea Generation Tidal Turbine

This is a graphical representation of how a tidal turbine generates power. Curriculum links include energy transfers, energy sources and electricity generation.

The Effects of Volcanic Ash on Aeroplane Engines - BBC News

This BBC news clip looks at why volcanic ash forced the grounding of all UK flights in 2010. Dr Colin Brown, Director of Engineering at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, talks to the BBC News channel about the effects of volcanic ash on aeroplane engines.

Working in The Nuclear Industry

In this film, from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, two young engineers talk about their jobs in the nuclear industry, and explain how nuclear power is providing reliable, low-carbon energy for the UK.

Who Does What at Brompton?

This film introduces the range of jobs in the Brompton Bicycle factory, where there are 70 staff on the factory floor building and making parts for the bicycles and 40 support staff. The jobs highlighted in the film include the technical support manager, lean manufacturing manager, design manager, quality...

The Magic of Computer Science III

The third collection of magic tricks, from Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan, is entitled ‘magic meets mistakes, machines and medicine. The five card tricks contained make use of maths and computer science theory, and are used by real magicians.

Each trick includes magician’s instructions. The theory behind each...


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