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Primary science: teaching the tricky bits

Do you lack confidence in teaching the more difficult areas of primary science?
Do you want accessible, well structured support?
Yes? Then this handy book is for...

A few minutes of design

"The design process is an object of great fascination these days, yet it remains stubbornly mysterious. Emily Campbell has created a series of deceptively simple-and fun-exercises that dispel the fog...

Thinkpak: a brainstorming card deck

Looking for a unique invention, an untapped market for an existing product, or a new solution? Stretch and flex your mental muscles with Thinkpak, a creative-thinking tool designed by Michael Michalko...

Thinking classrooms: metacognition lessons for primary schools

Practising teacher and growth mindset expert Katherine Muncaster has worked with bestselling formative assessment expert Shirley Clarke to develop these easy-to-use lessons which encourage primary school...

Growth mindset lessons: every child a learner

Practising teacher and mindset expert Katherine Muncaster has combined with best-selling author Shirley Clarke to produce this 'must-have' handbook for anyone looking to embed a growth mindset culture...

If the world were a village

At this moment there are more than 7.5 billion people on this planet. Pictuting so many people at one time is hard

Mrs Armitage on wheels

When the inventive Mrs Armitage sets out for a cycle ride, she soon turns her bike into an eye-catching contraption.

Mr Archimedes' Bath

Offers science in a story-book..... This charming book may encourage.... messy experiments at bath time.


Mini Grey - egg drop

Light hearted children's story about an egg drop.


Dirty bertie

Children's story about Dirty Bertie and his horrible habits.



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