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A few minutes of design

"The design process is an object of great fascination these days, yet it remains stubbornly mysterious. Emily Campbell has created a series of deceptively simple-and fun-exercises that dispel the fog...

Thinkpak: a brainstorming card deck

Looking for a unique invention, an untapped market for an existing product, or a new solution? Stretch and flex your mental muscles with Thinkpak, a creative-thinking tool designed by Michael Michalko...

Science at work: You and your mind



Pictorial and practical information on making sense of the world, our perceptions, behaviour, ways of learning, how we think and the type of...

Stem Ambassador Spotlight Profile

My Stem Ambassdor Spotlight

Profiles and profiling: a practical introduction

Provides practical help to those embarking upon the challenge of introducing student profiles into their school or college.

Making school-centred INSET work: a guide for group leaders

This guide suggests ways in which INSET work may be stimulated and supported by, for example, LEA advisors or Teacher Centre leaders. It considers how such people might help teachers in initiating and sustaining school-centred INSET.

TES guide to getting into leadership


Are you thinking about taking the next step in your career by getting into leadership, or moving up the leadership ladder?
Then the Tes guide to getting into leadership can provide...

Happy teachers change the world: a guide for cultivating mindfulness in education


Happy Teachers Change the World is the first official, authoritative manual of the Thich Nhat Hanh/Plum Village approach to mindfulness in education. Spanning the whole range of schools and grade...

STEM and STEAM for Cartography

Mini Map Makers is creating a Poster for STEM and STEAM for Cartography. How Cartography interacts with the elements! 

This is working progress and a draft copy will be out soon!

Advisory teacher - a collection of perspectives

This book is part of the Archive Collection which is available to view at the National STEM Learning Centre.