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e-Textiles in a Box

This professional development resource provides teachers with the basic knowledge to deliver an e-textiles project in the classroom. The four lessons of varying duration cover: • basic electronics with batteries and LEDs • Using craft techniques to create wearable electronics • Introductory programming with Arduino...

Open Softwear: Fashionable Prototyping and Wearable Computing Using the Arduino

This guide is suitable to support a full introductory wearable-technology project using Arduino. It gives an overview of the Arduino system as well as the key terms surrounding ‘making’ and ‘hacking’. After a brief review of basic electrical theory, a closer look at the inputs and outputs of a basic board, and of...

Dyes and Dyeing

This book looks at the following aspects of dyes:

*Natural dyes

*Mordants and fastness

*Creative dyeing

*Making and testing dyes


*Colouring metals

*Uses of dyes

Dyes and Dyeing was one of the Science at Work series. All the booklets in the series were...

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