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What is engineering? Careers booklet

A leaflet for students aged 11 to 16, describing what engineering is and explaining the different routes into engineering.

The work that engineers do affects billions of people. It is creative and hands-on. It is about solving problems, designing things and improving things. As an engineer, you could tackle...

Parents' guide to engineering careers

This easy to read Tomorrow’s Engineers guide helps parents and carers understand more about engineering careers and routes into engineering, providing tips on how to recognise and encourage their child’s engineering talent.

Food and drink manufacturing and processing

Colourful posters from the Tasty Careers website illustrating (with statistics) the size of the food and drink sectors of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England respectively.

Tasty careers in food and drink

Colourful poster from the Tasty Careers website illustrating the many different career roles in the food and drink industry.  A very useful overview of the sector.

Control Systems Engineer: Vicki Hodges

This STEMNET resource describes the background and career of STEM Ambassador Vicki Hodges, an Attitude and Orbit Control Systems engineer working on a project to develop an unmanned spacecraft.

Having joined the Astrium graduate scheme, Vicki has moved around the company and gained experience in a variety of...

Careers Examples and Options

These two Future Morph resources aim to show students that there is a wide choice of options open to those who study sciences and mathematics. The resources consist of:

Career examples list

The list covers six areas of science:

* Living things


Smart skin

Receptors under our skin send signals to our brains about the world around us. Engineers are borrowing this idea from the human body to create a ‘smart skin’ for aircraft. In this activity students learn about motes, the tiny sensors at the heart of this innovation, and how science and mathematics are central to...

Investigating Tesla

In this resource students investigate the company Tesla, its structure and Hyperloop One. To begin they are asked to consider how we currently produce electricity in the UK, and how this may have to change. They consider the type of work that Tesla and Hyperloop One undertake and how this is changing rapidly in...

Investigating careers in Dyson

In this resource careers in Dyson are explored, including in particular the engineering roles that are available. Students are able to see the wide number of roles that Dyson needs to function as a company, but how the engineering roles are critical and numerous within the organisation. Several case studies of...

Investigating Dyson

In this resource students investigate the company Dyson. To begin they are shown a short clip about how Dyson carry out the testing of their products. They find out where Dyson is based around the world and the type of work it undertakes. The structure of Dyson and how it has shifted production from the UK to Asia...


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