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Investigating careers in Tesla

This resource investigates careers in Tesla and Hyperloop One, including in particular the engineering roles that are available. Students are able to see the wide number of roles that Tesla needs to function as a company, and how the Engineering roles are critical and numerous within the organisation. Several case...

Managing Behaviour for Learning MOOC November 2015: Webinar 1 outputs

Webinar 1 was held at 7.00pm GMT on 10th November 2015. The following links provide access to various outputs:

Introduction to Future Morph Resources

This set of resources provided by Future Morph has been produced to help teachers use the world of work as a context for their teaching. They aim to engage students in STEM subjects and show them how the knowledge of those subjects relate to everyday life. This resource comprises of:


Top Trumps

This resource from the Department for Education is a set of 'Top Trumps' cards, which help students reflect on the skills and personality traits of individuals in particular careers. The cards could be used as a starter activity before students reflect on their own attributes and interests.

Future Morph careers quest

Future Morph Careers Quest was developed for students attending one of the the Big Bang science fairs. In the activity, students question exhibitors about aspects of their work and how they had chosen their particular career.

Whilst developed for a an exhibition context, the resources can suggest questions...

Community Transport: Scenarios

In this activity, students use what they have found out about community transport systems to suggest possible solutions to existing transportation problems. They watch the film Transportation Planning which focuses on the career of a transportation planner who worked on the London 2012 Olympic games and who is a...

Overcoming Friction

In this activity, students are introduced to Maglev technology as a way of reducing the friction between the tube and the train in a vacuum tube train. Students are presented with the scenario that in 2025, the UK has been invited to invest £100 billion towards the construction of a vacuum tube train system...


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