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Rescue rockets

This is Challenge One of the 2016-17  BP Ultimate  STEM Challenge competition.  The competition is open to teams...

STEM Careers Awareness Leaflet

From the Centre for Science Education and the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, this leaflet provides some prompt questions that introduce creative and practical ways of raising STEM careers awareness. There is information on working with partners and also where further resources can be found.

Smart materials 1

In this activity from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, students investigate the properties of different categories of smart materials and decide which kinds of materials might offer the best prospects for a financial investment. Students work in teams and present their results to the rest of the class...

Global Solar Partners

This topic, from the Association for Science Education, allows classes in schools across the world to explore and exchange information about the applications of photovoltaic devices. The version of the topic that can be downloaded here is a trial version and is provided only in English. This resource was edited by...

Key Stage Three Capability Tasks

A range of resources from the Nuffield Foundation for students to develop and reveal their capability longer more open tasks requiring designing, making and evaluating are necessary. Sometimes these activities are referred to as projects, or design and making assignments.

In Nuffield Design and Technology...

Key Stage Three Case Studies

Helping students understand the relationship between technology and society is an important part of design and technology education. Nuffield Design and Technology does this through case studies.

These are true stories about design and technology in the world outside school. By reading them, students find...

20 Top Tips for a Successful STEM Careers Day

This resource from the Department for Education provides some useful tips on how to organise a successful STEM careers day: from contacting your local STEM broker and organising exciting activities to involving sixth formers and STEM local employers.

London Engineering Project: Gender Inclusion and Cultural Diversity Guidelines

From the London Engineering Project, this document gives practical advice to practitioners about gender and cultural diversity, and suggests good practice in technology and engineering delivery.

Key Stage Three Resource Tasks

Nuffield Design and Technology has developed a specific type of learning activity called a resource task. These short, practical activities are designed to teach capabilities in an engaging way.

*Strategy resource tasks:
A suite of tasks that develop skills in using approaches to designing that are...

Student Glossary

A glossary from the Nuffield Foundation in the form of an A5 booklet with some words already entered. There is space for students to add their own definitions.


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