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North Sea Rocks

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This is material that has been cut...

Welcome to the Green Economy - FREE STEM Workshops

Welcome to the Green Economy - funded by Our Bright Future, will engage 700 young people across 70 secondary schools in London and show them how to undertake environmental audits in their schools, they will also learn about the huge range of careers in the green sector. Groundwork will recruit 400...

Climate change floating gardens

A hands on activity from Practical Action showing students show to make a model of the floating gardens used in Bangladesh to adapt to the effects of climate change. Instructions on how to build a model of a ‘floating garden’ using very simple material and more information on the project are provided. Further case...

Exploding cells

Students observe what happens to blood added to salt solutions of different concentrations. This is done in test tubes, although it may also be possible to observe what happens under a microscope. The students record their observations and attempt to explain what has happened to the red blood cells. They then...

Accident investigation - a clean break?

In this activity, students study materials that have been broken in various ways in order to find ways of distinguishing between natural or deliberate breakage.

Sometimes, what looks like an accident turns out not to be. It may be vandalism, insurance fraud or even murder....

Satellite Telemetry Interpretation

As part of the FUNcube STEM satellite outreach programme we have developer a student and teachers pack showing how to interpret rea data from graphs.

These can be found at:

Composition of Air Model

A 'cut out and glue' model demonstrating the proportions of the various gases in the composition of air

Science on the Web

Science on the Web is a comprehensive guide to the best science websites, interactive games, videos and resources on the internet. It is linked to both the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence through detailed curricular maps.

It is a downloadable pdf designed to be saved to and accessed from...

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