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Fruit salad and knife skills

Basic powerpoint on fruit salad and knife skills

Muffins and seasonality

Muffins and seasonality - touches on food miles

Food Miles

Lesson on food miles including powerpoint, card sort and activity sheets. 

Fair trade brownies

Lessons learning about fair trade and the use of fairtrade ingredients when making chocolate brownies.  Powerpoint and worksheets.

Food packaging choices and cookies

Lesson involving making cookies and looking at different food packaging choices

Environmental and ethical food choices lesson

Environmental and ethical food choices lesson.  Includes; card sort, powerpoint, differentiated worksheets and several video clips on free range vs caged hens. 

Intro to food hygiene powerpoint

Intro to food hygiene powerpoint

Enzymatic browning

Powerpoint explaining enzymatic browning linking in with healthy eating and fruit salad. 

Biscuit experiment - ingredient functions

Experiement looking at the ingredient functions in biscuits spread over two lessons.  Powerpoint and differentiated worksheets to complete based on the experiment. 

Pasta Salad powerpoint and resources

Powerpoint and differentiated resources on designing and making a pasta salad.  Looks at different vegetables and healthy eating. 


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