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Briefing Pack for STEM Careers Ambassadors

This training pack from the Department for Education is designed to help STEM professionals enhance their skills and enable them to become even more active in schools and communities.

The emphasis within the training pack on challenging myths and stereotypes will also support STEM Ambassadors in encouraging...

Guidance Notes for Organisations Delivering STEM Ambassador Training

These guidance notes and associated Training Pack from the Department for Education, are designed for organisations to help STEM Ambassadors enhance their skills and enable them to become even more active in their local schools and communities.


Quick Guide for STEM Work Experience Placements

This guide from the Department for Education is designed to help teachers, learners, employers and anyone involved in work experience develop strategies for creating good quality placements for young people aged 14–19. The Quick Guide for STEM Work Experience Placements has a question and answer format to assist...

STEM Equality and Diversity Useful Websites

Produced for the Department for Education, this document contains an extensive list of web sites that will be useful to practitioners offering information and guidance in STEM careers to young people.

How to Design an Inclusive Industrial Visit

Produced by the Industrial Trust, Business & Education South Yorkshire and JIVE (Joint Interventions), this leaflet identifies hints and tips to help organisers of visits to industry. Often organisations that are prepared to offer industrial visits to their sites are unaware of the action they can take to make...

EDT's Widening Participation Programme

EDT is a charity that offers a comprehensive portfolio of activities designed to promote STEM courses and careers to specific target groups of students, including females and ethnic minorities. This leaflet describes some of their courses and provides contact details for further information.

More Maths Grads Posters

Produced by More Maths Grads, these bright posters are intended for use in schools to illustrate the range of opportunities that mathematics can open. These include the aerospace industry, architecture, navigation technologies, biological sciences, music and sport.

Work Related Learning Guide

Produced by the former Department for Children, Schools and Families, this work-related learning guide is aimed at young people and their parents or carers, employers, primary and secondary schools and colleges, and Education Business Partnership Organisations. The guide includes information on providing work-...

STEM Fairs: Introduction

These materials are provided by the British Science Association and supported by Intel. They aim to give an overview of the types of activities that happen at STEM fairs. The guide is useful in preparing students when visiting a fair. It also covers some of the key points to consider when organising, hosting or...

STEM Fairs: Interviews

Provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education, these resources provide an insight into a range of activities involved in organising and taking part in STEM fairs. They include contributions from a teacher taking part in STEM competitions, a STEM Ambassador and students exhibiting...


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