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Good Timing: Implementing STEM Careers Strategy in Secondary Schools

This is the final report of the STEM Careers Awareness Timeline Pilot, published in 2011. The programme was commissioned by the Department for Education and sought to explore the potential to embed STEM careers awareness and activities in Key Stage Three education. The Timeline Project identified several factors...

Liza Brooks: Technical Director (True Snowboards)

In this video, Liza Brooks describes how she became a world expert in snowboard design and technology and the Technical Director of True Snowboards Ltd. Liza describes her interest in science and design technology at school and how failing her AS level subjects led her to study for a National Diploma...

Making a Difference to Professional Practice

The National STEM Learning Centre and Network supports the teaching and learning of science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in schools and colleges throughout the United Kingdom, from primary level to post-16.

We enable educators and partner organisations to...

STEM Careers Awareness Leaflet

From the Centre for Science Education and the National STEM Learning Centre and Network, this leaflet provides some prompt questions that introduce creative and practical ways of raising STEM careers awareness. There is information on working with partners and also where further resources can be found.

Introduction to Future Morph Resources

This set of resources provided by Future Morph has been produced to help teachers use the world of work as a context for their teaching. They aim to engage students in STEM subjects and show them how the knowledge of those subjects relate to everyday life. This resource comprises of:


20 Top Tips for a Successful STEM Careers Day

This resource from the Department for Education provides some useful tips on how to organise a successful STEM careers day: from contacting your local STEM broker and organising exciting activities to involving sixth formers and STEM local employers.

London Engineering Project: Gender Inclusion and Cultural Diversity Guidelines

From the London Engineering Project, this document gives practical advice to practitioners about gender and cultural diversity, and suggests good practice in technology and engineering delivery.

Working Internationally

This resource from the Department for Education is designed to help students to understand the relative nature of time, and how this affects working in an international environment.

Students are required to record the time in different time zones on the provided worksheet. They then consider some of the...

Explore the Possibilities

This publication from the Department for Education lists ten tips on how to help young students make informed decisions about STEM courses and careers. A list of useful websites including information on STEM initiatives and careers is also provided.

Future Morph: Client Development Manager

This Future Morph video introduces client development manager Henry Smith who discusses how he uses data analysis techniques he learnt in maths and science in his work. Henry's company has high profile clients and he helps them to understand their customers so that targeted marketing campaigns can be developed. A...


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