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e-Textiles in a Box

This professional development resource provides teachers with the basic knowledge to deliver an e-textiles project in the classroom. The four lessons of varying duration cover: • basic electronics with batteries and LEDs • Using craft techniques to create wearable electronics • Introductory programming with Arduino...

Open Softwear: Fashionable Prototyping and Wearable Computing Using the Arduino

This guide is suitable to support a full introductory wearable-technology project using Arduino. It gives an overview of the Arduino system as well as the key terms surrounding ‘making’ and ‘hacking’. After a brief review of basic electrical theory, a closer look at the inputs and outputs of a basic board, and of...

Young Technologist's Handbook

Produced for the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book contains a comprehensive selection of useful descriptions and reference information on the properties of materials, manufacturing processes, ergonomics and electronics. This pulls together a wide range of data into a single publication, accessible...

Careers in Energy

This publication from BP Educational Services gives a guide to careers in the energy business. It includes biographies of real-life role models, and information on desirable generic employability skills, which are valued across sectors.

The role model examples include a geologist, gas trader, commercial and...

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

From the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the 'Big questions, big experiment' wall chart describes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. It looks at the "big questions" about our Universe that scientists are trying to answer, and how the amazing LHC will help them to do so. The 'Tunnel to the...

The IQ3 Microcontroller Module

From the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book looks at a self-contained programmable device called the IQ3 which is capable of use in a wide variety of engineering contexts ranging from simple door interlocking to production line control and robotics.

The IQ3 has four outputs each capable of...

Control Systems

Work done in this Nuffield 13 - 16 module followed from the B units called ‘Breathing and circulation’ and ‘Food and digestion’, also from the S unit ‘Circuits’. This D unit provided enough material for eight double periods during a Further Science course and built on the content of the S units for Single Science....

Dyes and Dyeing

This book looks at the following aspects of dyes:

*Natural dyes

*Mordants and fastness

*Creative dyeing

*Making and testing dyes


*Colouring metals

*Uses of dyes

Dyes and Dyeing was one of the Science at Work series. All the booklets in the series were...

Nuffield Home Economics: The Basic Course

The Basic Course of Nuffield Home Economics was designed for students aged 11–14. The project was supported by the Nuffield Foundation and devised in collaboration with trial schools and with industrial consultants.

The course aimed to:
* provide students with a...

Finding Out About Food

Finding Out About Food is an introductory textbook for food technology lessons and was written for students aged nine to fourteen. Each chapter contains a number of self-contained units and comprises experiments and practical activities, and ends with sets of questions and quizzes to reinforce understanding. Ideas...

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